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About Bright Green Exports

BRIGHT GREEN EXPORTS is engaged in 'Sourcing, Supplying/Exporting the superior quality Guar ingredients of Indian Origin. We represent the finest process and manufacturers from India Our aim is to redefine the market standards when it comes to Quality, Service and Customer Satisfaction. We ensure our clients get the highest quality Indian origin Guar ingredients, hence we make sure that the procurement is done from the different region of India. Company Mission Statement Consistent value addition to the “GUAR” or “CLUSTER BEAN” ingredient industry.

Company Vision

Rejuvenate  green world for future generation


  1. Customers satisfaction and delight
  2. Superior quality of performance
  3. Concern for the environment and  the country
  4. Passionate about our excellence

Goals & Milestones

  1. To encourage Guar or Cluster bean product production.
  2. Supporting Famers by educating by the benefits and global market demand of the product.
  3. Promoting organic method of cultivation.

Unique Features

The most significant characteristic of guar gum:

  1. Hydrate rapidly in cold water system to give high viscous solution.
  2. Like as other gums, viscosity of guar gum is dependent on time, temperature, PH, ionic strength and also on type of agitation.

Limits and Liabilities

  1. Product and company identification
  2. Composition and information on ingredients
  3. Hazards identification
  4. First aid measures

Production and Delivery

Documentation of various in process parameter for repeatability and consistency in final product Established and reliable transporters for finished goods transport