Guar Gum Powder

Scientific Name 'Cyamopsis Tetragonaloba'.


Guar gum is one of the best thickening additives, emulsifying additives and stabilizing additives. In Food Industry. It is widely used in oil and gas well drilling due to its multi function such as fluid and water loss control, lubrication and cooling of drill bits, shale inhibitor and solids carrier. It has excellent solution rheology, stability, solubility and compatibility with other auxiliaries used in oil well drilling.

In Industrial Applications guar gum powder is a very versatile product and finds its different applications, as thickening, sizing agent, wet-end strength additive, gelling agent and water barrier, flocculation aid, for waste water treatment, as emulsifier, binder. Also used for mud formulations, enhanced oil recovery, polymer flooding, well treatment, lost circulation plugging etc. Mining grade guar gum is used in mining industry as a floatation agent flocculating or setting better quality agent. Fast hydration guar gum powder for oil drilling applications is an important advantage of guar gum.